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In Her Little Heart

I cannot express what a happy mommy I am this morning! I’ve been longing and praying that KT encounters God long before I can tell her about Jesus. Of course I will keep telling her about Jesus and all that He has done is our lives, but then, I don’t want to restrict her understanding of God with my limited knowledge. I want God to reveal Himself to her in unique ways that from a very young age, long before she could read the Bible or comprehend a God, she’ll discover Him as a person – someone very real, someone that she can literally see and speak to. In other words, I want to discover Jesus through my little girl!

Matthew 18:3
And he said: “I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”

Matthew 19:14
Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

This morning she was fast asleep. It was time to get ready for school. I kept waking her up. But she was deep in sleep. All of a sudden, with her eyes still closed, in a gentle, sleepy, but serious tone she whispered, “Amma, Jesus is in my heart!”

I was baffled. It’s something we never taught her to say.

Although a very simple statement. I strongly believe the Lord has begun His work in her little heart =)


Day 1 at Nursery

KT continues in the same school as last year.  We opted for the second batch. This timing works out so perfectly well for me as I can enjoy a good quiet time, then cook and pack lunch for Vj all while KT enjoys her sleep until 9 am 😉 I let her wake up on her own. She enjoys a good breakfast at her own pace and while the house help get her work down, I can get KT ready for school!

Previously, while KT was in playgroup, there were fewer kids in her class and there was only one batch. Her van would arrive at 8:30 sharp and start honking. My mornings were absolute mayhem waking up at 6 am (I still wake up at 6 am, but have lesser things to accomplish!), quiet time, cooking, carry her while asleep, give her a bath while she continues sleeping, play Dora the Explorer and Sponge Bob Square Pants on TV trying to feed the sleepy head, put ponytails and drag the reluctant, still sleepy child to her van! It was pure torture for both me and her. So you can imagine how relieved I am with this new timing 😀

Unlike her first day at playgroup, the day went on smoothly. Being the first day, it was just a one hour class and parents were allowed to be with the kids. Initially KT was a little clingy and shy.  All her previous classmates are in the previous batch, so she was kinda lost in the company of new teachers and classmates. The class room was divided into three corners and each had a different activity which the child was free to do. KT and I started with a puzzle, moved to wooden building blocks and finally settled at the drawing/scribbling desk. There a sweet little girl, SH,  already seated with her mum at the desk. She extended a box of gems to KT and gave a smile. KT picked the gems and a new friendship blossomed instantly!

SH’s mom was teaching SH to draw a simple face – a circle, two dots, a smile and springy hair. KT was observing. I handed KT a crayon and paper and asked her to try it out. She took the paper and drew something that left me ROFL! Here it is –

WP_000736 copy

Please don’t mistake it for the sun. I’m assuming it’s something between a human, an alien and a spider which has its head directly attached to its legs. This is what KT said, “Amma, Peaches draw face, tall legs and tall hair!”

After 45 minutes in the class, the kids were allowed to play in the play area. KT thoroughly enjoyed it and refused to leave. After much persuasion, she and SH held hands and walked out. We dropped SH and her mum at their house, spent a few minutes getting to know each other while the girls played together!

WP_000738 copy

It was a fine day on the whole! My prayers and best wishes for KT and her little friends to enjoy a year full of joy, fun and laughter!

First Stage Performance

After a not so pleasant Sports Day, I was a wee bit apprehensive how KT would react on the Annual Day celebration in front of an auditorium full of parents!

Her motivation sessions began a week prior to the big day. Every afternoon when she gets back from school, the following is the conversation that would repeat every single day –

“What did you do in school today?”

“Peaches danced ‘jump, shake!'”

(Although the teachers had kept the song and dance a top secret from the parents, KT let the secret out!)

“Chellam, on Saturday, Peaches should dance for ‘jump, shake’ song on stage. Peaches should smile and dance happily, okay?”

“Okay, mummy!”

“Peaches, not scared, okay?”

“Okay, mummy!”

“Peaches, no crying, okay?”

“Okay, mummy!”

The morning arrived. She had ample amount of sleep the previous night. I repeated the above conversation half a dozen times. I made sure everything went on on a happy note right from waking her up to getting her ready and making her have her breakfast. I sang every happy song I knew. With great difficulty I held on to my peace when she refused her breakfast. Her happiness was the need of the morning!

My patience was tested the most when I had to comb her hair. It was quite a battle. But I conquered!

The drive to the auditorium took forever. We literally covered the length of Hyderabad. My little performer fell asleep and I was so worried her ponytails would get messed!

After an hour and a half, we arrived at the auditorium. It was packed with more than thousand parents. I started to get nervous. I walked KT to a hall beside the stage where all the kids and the teachers had assembled. The minute KT spotted her teacher, she waved me bye and ran towards her happily. That was a good sign. I walked to my seat a little relieved!

The curtains raised after a long and anticipated wait. KT’s class was second to perform. The kids were beautifully arranged in a row. KT and another girl stood right in the center. As the lights were turned on, there was no crying (comforting)! Each looked calm and composed despite the crowd and the cheering (so far so good!). They cue the music and it’s a wrong song! The kids begin to look confused, but still no one moved!

A few seconds later, “Let’s Get the Sillies Out” gets played (the ‘jump, shake’ song according to KT). To my amazement, the performer in my little girl was unleashed and she was the only one in her class who danced to the entire song making me one proud mamma who couldn’t stop her tears of joy!


The rest of the program was superb. The kids of different classes put up such a vibrant show. The choice of dresses were excellent. It made the kids look really good on stage.


It is no joke training 2, 3 and 4 year olds to dance in front of such a large audience. Kudos to the teachers who did it and made the event a pleasure to watch!