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And My Princess is THREE

How time flies is a mystery. Only three years back was she a tiny little baby. Carrying her in my arms I used to dream how she’d look as a little girl, how she’ll sound speaking her first words, conversing with her, teaching her songs and what not. In three years, she’s has grown to become more than what I had dreamt of. She is bubbly, fun, chatty, demanding, loving, caring, friendly, sensitive, insistent, observant, adventure loving and at times annoying.

She is so much like me, yet so different from me. We both love to travel, ie, a visit to a mall is equally exciting as travelling to a new place. Just getting out of the house is fun for us. I love to make new friends and so does she. We’re both pretend singers and actors. Yeh! A comb, a stick or a ladle transforms into a mike when we stand in front of the mirror. We love to shop! But when it comes to food, we’re poles apart! She can go through a day without thinking of food. Seriously? Is that even possible? Gosh! Sometimes I wish we could both exchange our appetites. She is more athletic and sporty while I’m not. I can only admire animals on TV or in a zoo. But she adores all creatures great and small. Well that’s a tiny bit of what she has become in three years!

One event I look forward to plan, year after year, is her birthday party. I decided, months ago, that this year it would be a princess party. She’s my princess after all 😉

I planned to do several things. But kept putting it off for a week before her party. The only thing I made in advance was her party invitations. I am glad I at least did it because three weeks before her birthday party, the situation at home took a turn. TH was scheduled a surgery unexpectedly and I had to teach in our church VBS for ten days. We moved to my in laws’ house for that period. It was one crazy, hectic and tense time – Vj at hospital and me teaching at the VBS. As the D day drew near, I got super stressed and depressed as I had not prepared anything for the party and feared it may not turn out as I had planned for months. We even contemplated postponing the party.


We moved back to our house two days prior to the party. TH was in crutches. He had to be on rest. I was left on my own. Thanks to my nephew D who joined me. He was an angel. I sketched a castle and pasted it on our door because the invite says the party’s at KT’s castle!


I pulled out KT’s 1st Birthday decorations. TH, despite his aching leg, put up all the decorations.


Our dainty guests arrived on time. The girls were dressed up in long beautiful gowns. KT’s cousins were the only two boys and they were dressed up in suits. I was so happy that the kids had taken my invitation seriously.

I let the princesses and princes make their own crowns. A big thanks to my nephew D who helped me cut out charts for the paper crowns!


The kids wore their crowns, took pics with the birthday girl and joined me for a short story. I told the kids that beauty and wealth doesn’t make one a princess/prince. Good nature and beauty on the inside is what it takes to be one.


I baked a moist chocolate cake and 72 cupcakes from the same batter. But how I baked it was an adventure I have to mention. The previous night, at 10 pm to be precise, I was  ready with a huge bowl of batter. Just when I was about to put the first batch in the OTG, there was a powercut. I freaked. But decided not to loose my peace over things that are beyond me. I had done my part. I waited and waited. The power returned at 1 am. I stayed up till 6 am baking!


Yes, I was super worn out. But then my efforts were not in vain. The cake, though very simple and not so fancy was an instant hit among the kids and the adults. They kept coming back for more and I served the remaining cake with vanilla ice cream as dessert! Along with the cupcakes, I served the kids, veggie sandwiches and mango juice.


Cupcake stand from Sri Venkateshwara Agency, General Bazaar, Hyderabad

Cupcake toppers from


Return gifts from Prakash Party Shop, General Bazaar, Hyderabad

The kid’s Princess party was soon followed by a dinner party that was joined by close family and friends. It was great fun again. We sang songs, played a group game and enjoyed a hearty Biryani. Our happy guests stayed back and watched Sunrisers Hyderabad beat Kings Punjab =)


Lesson learnt from planning this party – do your best and leave the rest (to God obviously!). In the past I’ve spent so much time planning and have got stressed out when things didn’t turn out my way. This time my only goal was to enjoy the party along with my Princess. It was one long day. It took us two days to clean our house post party. But the result – one happy Princess and a memorable evening!

A Note of Thanks

A Note of Thanks

Today is KT’s last working day. She completes her playschool. Over the last months she has learnt a lot and made good friends. I sent her teacher a Thank You card with a small note. Her name is Kavitha. KT loves her. On most days when she returns from school, she tells me, “Mummy, teacher smiley Peaches!” Of all that her teacher teaches it is the smile that matters a lot to my girl!

I believe God handpicks the people in our lives to shape, influence and direct us towards the bigger purpose. So is teacher Kavitha for KT. She is the first person KT was introduced to as a ‘teacher’. I am thankful for the role she has played in making KT who she is today!

Look forward to the day my girl will write her own Thank You notes =)

PS: Teacher K’s reply to the Thank You note –


First Stage Performance

After a not so pleasant Sports Day, I was a wee bit apprehensive how KT would react on the Annual Day celebration in front of an auditorium full of parents!

Her motivation sessions began a week prior to the big day. Every afternoon when she gets back from school, the following is the conversation that would repeat every single day –

“What did you do in school today?”

“Peaches danced ‘jump, shake!'”

(Although the teachers had kept the song and dance a top secret from the parents, KT let the secret out!)

“Chellam, on Saturday, Peaches should dance for ‘jump, shake’ song on stage. Peaches should smile and dance happily, okay?”

“Okay, mummy!”

“Peaches, not scared, okay?”

“Okay, mummy!”

“Peaches, no crying, okay?”

“Okay, mummy!”

The morning arrived. She had ample amount of sleep the previous night. I repeated the above conversation half a dozen times. I made sure everything went on on a happy note right from waking her up to getting her ready and making her have her breakfast. I sang every happy song I knew. With great difficulty I held on to my peace when she refused her breakfast. Her happiness was the need of the morning!

My patience was tested the most when I had to comb her hair. It was quite a battle. But I conquered!

The drive to the auditorium took forever. We literally covered the length of Hyderabad. My little performer fell asleep and I was so worried her ponytails would get messed!

After an hour and a half, we arrived at the auditorium. It was packed with more than thousand parents. I started to get nervous. I walked KT to a hall beside the stage where all the kids and the teachers had assembled. The minute KT spotted her teacher, she waved me bye and ran towards her happily. That was a good sign. I walked to my seat a little relieved!

The curtains raised after a long and anticipated wait. KT’s class was second to perform. The kids were beautifully arranged in a row. KT and another girl stood right in the center. As the lights were turned on, there was no crying (comforting)! Each looked calm and composed despite the crowd and the cheering (so far so good!). They cue the music and it’s a wrong song! The kids begin to look confused, but still no one moved!

A few seconds later, “Let’s Get the Sillies Out” gets played (the ‘jump, shake’ song according to KT). To my amazement, the performer in my little girl was unleashed and she was the only one in her class who danced to the entire song making me one proud mamma who couldn’t stop her tears of joy!


The rest of the program was superb. The kids of different classes put up such a vibrant show. The choice of dresses were excellent. It made the kids look really good on stage.


It is no joke training 2, 3 and 4 year olds to dance in front of such a large audience. Kudos to the teachers who did it and made the event a pleasure to watch!