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Helping Hand

It was the routine powercut. I was busy in the kitchen. TH was busy fixing something (for those of you who didn’t know, he’s the Mr. Fix-It of our family. There is nothing he cannot fix – from broken watches to mobile phones, the kitchen mixie to laptop. You name it, he can fix it!). With no TV and two pre-occupied parents, KT was getting bored and restless. So TH devised a plan!
He spread a couple of news papers, asked her to sit on it, handed her a bowl and a huge branch of curry leaves and asked her to pluck the leaves. To my surprise, she accepted the chore delightfully. She sat there patiently plucking the leaves occasionally running to me with a handful of bare stems asking me to trash it. 
After roughly thirty minutes, she successfully completed her assignment. She came running to me with a wide smile of accomplishment and a bowl of curry leaves. She proudly handed it over to me and said, “Happy Birthday, mummy!”
As much as I was touched by her sweet gesture, I couldn’t help but burst into laughter during the last bit! 

She Made My Day!

It was a busy day. My mind was preoccupied with the numerous tasks I needed to complete. KT was playing with her building blocks and all of a sudden, she came running to me, pinched my cheeks softly with her tiny fingers and with a priceless smile said, “CUTEEEEEEEEEEEE”!

My heart skipped a beat and for a moment I was at a loss for words. Seriously, who wouldn’t like being called cute? Everyone does! But when your little girl who’s less than two calls you ‘cute’, it simply surpasses everything!

Little Mommy

I often wondered why Fisher Price named their dolls ‘Little Mommy’. Then I happened to visit a Naidu Hall showroom in Tamil Nadu where they have a particular paavadai-satai set called ‘Chintti Thalli’ (which also means little mommy in Telugu!). Both left me thinking why ‘little mommy’ for little girls! And then I figured out the answer last week!

Since last week, K80 has been acting all motherly with her teddy bears and the one baby doll she has. Each time I give her a plate to eat, she runs quickly, picks up either her teddy or her doll, puts them on her lap and starts feeding them (thankfully she remembers to feed herself occasionally in the process!).

Then I see her keeping my mobile in teddy’s ears, repeating ‘heylooooo.. heylooooooo..!’ asking the teddy to speak!

Best is when she wants to put them to sleep. She puts her doll on her shoulders, hugs it tight and gently pats it on its back whispering “joju.. joju..!”

Today she received her first, proper doll – a Disney princess! Thanks to her aunts who have sent it! This post is specially for you!

What amazes me the most is seeing how at this tender age their DNAs are programmed with motherly instincts preparing them for what awaits years later!

Awaiting more adventures with you my little mommy – dressing up, shopping, baking and more!