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Krissy’s Buck is Out!

29th July 2019. Monday. 14:00 Hrs. Schools across Hyderabad had declared a holiday for a reason I do not remember at the moment. Vijay’s sister, Jasmine, and her boys were spending the day with us. It was a laid back sort of day. The younger kids were playing with magnatiles and watching TV. I was in the kitchen, prepping to serve lunch.

All of a sudden, Krissy, my 5 year old, came to the kitchen with her hands on her throat and said with a muffled voice,

“Mama, I swallowed a corn!”

But I never gave the kids corn!

When I asked her again, with a little struggle, she replied, “I swallowed a coin!” Continue reading Krissy’s Buck is Out!

K&K at Giethoorn, Holland

“When you leave a beautiful place, you carry it with you wherever you go!” – Alexandra Stoddard

Giethoorn, Holland is one such place that became an irreplaceable part of me not just for its picturesque beauty, but for a couple of other special reasons, which I will share in this post! Continue reading K&K at Giethoorn, Holland

Cherishing My Miracles This Children’s Day

All through my college and the years that followed, my BIGGEST DREAM was to become a mother! I used to dream of dressing up my kids, taking them for music and dance classes, traveling with them, embracing them, reading them bedtime stories… I used to dream of everything I saw mums in advertisements and movies do. Continue reading Cherishing My Miracles This Children’s Day