K&K’s 4th Day of Christmas: ArkDe’s Annual Gingerbread House Exhibition

While I fancy delicious Biryani and spicy Indian savouries during the festive season, Kaity and little Krissy are fond lovers of gingerbread cookies called as ‘pepparkakor’ in Swedish!

I heard of the ArkDe’s Annual Gingerbread House Exhibition that was happening and I thought it would be something my girls will enjoy! Continue reading “K&K’s 4th Day of Christmas: ArkDe’s Annual Gingerbread House Exhibition”


Sveriges Nationaldag at Operan i Hagaparken

Yesterday, June 6, was Sweden’s National Day. It is celebrated in honor of King Gustav Vasa who was elected in 1523 since he is considered as that day marked the beginning of modern Sweden.

In India, our national days, such as Republic Day and Independence Day, are marked with elaborate parades and festivities. I was very curious to see how the Swedes celebrate their national day. Continue reading “Sveriges Nationaldag at Operan i Hagaparken”