K&K’s Cruise Trip to Tallinn, Estonia

This is our second winter here. It hasn’t snowed as much as it did last year. Last year’s was one of the heaviest snowfall Stockholm witnessed in decades and boy, how we enjoyed! We look forward to the same this winter!

I am thankful the cold, dark Scandinavian winter does not depress me. Our house is only lit with fairy-lights. If we need something a little more brighter, I turn on our Christmas star light. I find the low light, both outside and inside the home, calming and slowing me down. I believe it’s nature’s way of causing us to reflect on our past and prepare us for the brighter, sunnier days ahead!

As I sit cozily on our couch and reflect on how great this year has been, my mind wanders to our one day cruise trip from Stockholm to Tallinn, Estonia. This trip was special to us because we got to enjoy it with my parents and our very close friends. Continue reading “K&K’s Cruise Trip to Tallinn, Estonia”


Day 4 & My List of Must-See in Kraków

We woke up to lovely sunshine on the last day of our stay at Krakow! The Old Town Square was washed clean in the previous day’s rain. Street vendors were setting up their pop up stores at the Town Square for the day’s business! Continue reading “Day 4 & My List of Must-See in Kraków”

Kraków Day 3 – Part 2: The Wieliczka Salt Mine

While planning for this trip, I asked Kaity’s polish friend’s mom for recommendations on must-see places in Kraków and the very first place she mentioned was the ‘Salt Mine’. I was initially startled! What could be so enticing about a salt mine? Continue reading “Kraków Day 3 – Part 2: The Wieliczka Salt Mine”