First Three Word Sentence!!!

My K8O Koala completes 19 months today and she has close to 25 – 30 words in her vocabulary. Yesterday was the first time she put together the words she knew to form her first sentence!

I don’t know whether I am right or wrong, but I add a ‘Y’ behind every possible word like – curdy (curd), soapy (soap), bicky (biscuit), bathy (bath) and so on for her to pick up words faster.

It was yesterday morning. DH was getting ready to work. K8O seeing her Dadda take his towel and enter the bathroom, turned to me and said, “Amma.. Dadda.. Bathy!”

Good job, Chinnu! Keep it going!


My Ray of Sunshine is Back!

Last week was by far the most challenging time I experienced as a mother. It was early Thursday morning around 6 am, I was woken up by my little girl calling me “Amma…” in a frail voice that I have never heard before. She took my giant blanket with her tiny hands and covered herself. I couldn’t see how she was as I was half asleep and our room was dark. So I pulled her closer to me to sleep on my arms and that’s when I felt that she was running high temperature.

The doc told me it was nothing but a viral fever and prescribed some medicines. Though her condition was nothing to get alarmed about, I just couldn’t see my bundle of joy lying on the bed weak with literally no energy to even manage a smile. She couldn’t eat anything but milk. She spent all day either sleeping or clinging to me, Dadda and her Thatha (who happened to spend a few days with us.)

I didn’t have to tidy our house because her toys and books were in place. I had absolutely no interruption in the kitchen. The vessels stayed in the cupboards. The house was so silent without her laughter. Honestly… I couldn’t have missed her more and that’s when I realized that though I loved my little girl so dearly, I often took her company for granted.

By God’s grace my K8O Koala got back to action yesterday morning! Yes! My ray of sunshine is back! I made sure she compensates for all the hugs and kisses I missed over the last few days. Now our house is back to square one. The hall is strewn around with toys and books.  Of course I do not have time to run errands or browse the internet while she is awake. But that doesn’t bother me any more. I have learnt to enjoy her company every passing minute more than ever!

Seriously, cooking, cleaning, washing, shopping, browsing… I can do those any day. But soon my little girl is going to grow up, join school and eventually fly away. It’s time with her I can never buy!

While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~ Angela Schwindt

She Drives Me Crazy!

I enjoy my whole day with K8O except when its meal time. The last week has been one big challenge. I do not know whether it is a milestone or a phase every kid goes through. She wants to eat herself!

When I shared this with my mom and mother-in-law, they both told me its blessing in disguise! Blessing?!!

Firstly, she never allows me anywhere close to her plate. Secondly, when she’s eating with a spoon, after a couple of minutes of artwork with her spoon on the plate, she’ll gather some food. By the time that spoon travels to the mouth.. Magic!.. The spoon will be empty! Not because she ate it.. Just that the food fell back into the plate!

Even worse is when she wants to eat with her hands. When given rice, she eats morsel by morsel. Give her idly or dosa, she’ll butcher it. Don’t ask me how long it takes! It takes FOREVER! Even after all that time, her plate will be just as full as I gave it in the start!

She loves curd. So anything and everything has to be mixed with curdie. I don’t know how, but just as they say a swan separates milk from water, she picks up teeny tiny lumps of curd and just eats that!

Want to know what happens when I don’t pay attention for a minute? Either her plate will be upside down orrrrrrr she’ll be pelting food at the toys or people around her! Thankfully she hasn’t done it in a while now!

Be it any mischief, I can handle it. I do lose my temper with some of the things she does, but then that doesn’t last for more than a minute. She gets away her innocent eyes and naughty smile. But what frustrates me the most is when she refuses food. I get so stressed and worked up!

I’ve tried giving her different plates of different colors, shapes and sizes. She has spoons of five different colors and two baby forks. But nothing works. I just hope this is a passing phase and soon she begins to love food as much as me!

Anyways, before I conclude, thought you might be interested in knowing how all this meal time drama ends. Trust me, its the ultimate. Its the hug she gives me.. a bare hug with her curdie hands! What can I say? Its the best hug in the world!