Almost a year now!

I can’t belive Kaitlyn is just a few weeks away from turning one.. I’ve been enjoying her company more than ever now as she has started to relate with us – she feeds us while eating, hands over small toys/things when we ask (you won’t believe me, this evening she helped me dry her clothes by handing me her tiny dresses¬†;), she gives flying kisses when asked (and ends up licking up her entire palm!).. Boy! She is fun!

After spending a couple of months at Vj’s parent’s house, we are back to our apartment. Our entire apartment is filled with little girls and they all gave Kaitlyn a warm welcome. She just loves watching little children play as if its IPL cricket!

I’ve always enjoyed looking out of the window (not much in Hyderabad as I get to see only buildings, buildings and nothing else!) and looks like my girl is growing up to be like me ūüėČ Her favorite spot is the window. In the evenings, children in the opposite apartment play in their sand pit. Just watching them scream, run and play is Kaitlyn’s latest fascination!

Every child comes with the message that God is not yet discouraged of man.  ~Rabindranath Tagore

9 Months and Praising the Lord!

Gosh! It’s been so long since my last post! Over the last months, my baby girl has grown and learnt quite a lot! She crawls, locates me anywhere in the house, stands with support (briefly without support!), talks non-stop in her own language, waves bye-bye, gets excited the minute we step into a lift and presses all the buttons and guess what… she’s even scoring good in her potty training ūüėČ

But there is one more interesting thing that all the members of our family really enjoy watching her do and that is her classic ‘Praise the Lord!’¬†All we have to do is just say ‘Praise the Lord’ and she’ll immediately swing her hands up in the air with a cheeky grin! Trust me, its one totally cute sight to watch!


She’s hardly nine months old and probably doesn’t know the significance of ‘Praise the Lord’. But am sure the Psalmist was right when he sang, “With praises from children¬†and from tiny infants,¬†you have built a fortress.” Psalm 8:2

What More Can I Ask For?

In three days our baby girl would be completing 5 months. Although it may not seem like a great occasion to celebrate like a first birthday, each time Kaitlyn completes one month and enters the next it makes me feel happy.

Last year around this time, it was Gandhi Jayanti and Vijay was volunteering in our Church Childrens Thanksgiving. I must have been two month pregnant then. I suddenly experienced a medical emergency. Vijay had to rush home and take me to the hospital. On our way to the hospital, my heart raced and I almost thought I would lose my precious little one inside. Thankfully, when the sonologist placed the probe on my tummy, I saw a tiny heart go bink bink. Sigh! What a relief! What peace!

This is just one of the many scary moments I had to go through during my pregnancy. Each visit to the hospital was a test of faith and each sonogram was a divine assurance that my God is faithful!

All that I had to go through is finally worth it and it has made me treasure and¬†appreciate¬†every single minute with my girl. The last five months have been filled with simple joys of watching her smile, laugh, giggle and grow. She has proved herself to be a ‘bundle of joy’ in just every sense.

  • She wakes up with a smile
  • Starts giggling at the sight of the bathroom and thoroughly enjoys bathing
  • Loves to be kissed and tickled
  • Cries less
  • Smiles a lot
  • Sleeps for long

What more can I ask for? I am feeling so blessed!