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For the first two decades of my life I was completely aimless and clueless about what I wanted from life. I pointlessly drifted with the current of the society. Textbooks did not entice me. Electrical circuits terrified me. I always felt I wasn’t brainy enough to get a corporate computer job. At that point in life, I believed life was all about getting a degree, finding a simple job that paid reasonably, getting married, becoming a mother and raise kids for the rest of my life. These obviously didn’t require much goals or ambitions ✨ Continue reading I AM… DRIVEN!

5 Nuggets with Rads 2019: Women & Careers – Michelle Job


I have been following Rads: Tunneling Thru’ for a long time now. Her fitness journey, recipes, life hacks, motherhood or just the day to day snippets she shares on her Instagram (@rads02) stories, has brought about huge admiration for her as an individual & mother. To be a part of her #5nuggetswithrads is nothing but an honor

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