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Bitter-gourd Print Garden =)

There was a time I used to crib that I didn’t have crafting supplies. But ever since I learnt to use the stuff that was readily available at home, I’ve run out of excuses and crafting has become so much fun and addictive!

I was preparing bitter-gourd fry for lunch (trust me, it tastes divine with parrupu and rasam sadham :P). I cut out both the ends of the bitter-gourd and saved it for later. After a  good lunch and a short nap, it was time to put the waste ends of the bitter-gourd to some fun use!

Here’s what we did – a bitter-gourd print garden with green and yellow suns 😀

IMG_7506 copy

IMG_7511 copy

IMG_7514 copy

IMG_7518 copy

Here’s a glimpse of my bitter-gourd fry –


You don’t really require a recipe to prepare this one. But still, you can find it here!