The very first incident I can remember goes back to the time I must have been six years old. We used to live in a township. I went to our neighbour’s house. They were a family of five – mom, dad, two sisters and a brother. The kids were all in their teens. Continue reading “#MeToo”


Let’s not Just Protect our Girls! Let’s Prepare Them!

Media and social networking has made tons of information available at our finger tips. Very unfortunately, most of it are negative and quite alarming, especially for parents – parents of girls to be more precise! Not a day goes by with a news on injustice, immorality, terror and vice! Almost every time I open Facebook or WhatsApp, I see articles and status messages blaming how politics, education, culture and media are deteriorating and how we need to protect ourselves and our generation from all these evils!

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STOP the Discrimination & CELEBRATE the Girl Child

It all began when I was pregnant with KT. I must have been 20 weeks pregnant. That’s the stage when almost everyone across the world gets to know the gender of their baby – they begin planning, shopping and deciding on the baby’s name with a lot of excitement. However, that’s not the case in India. For a while it kind of annoyed and angered me, why modern India has not changed the law regarding gender disclosure. But eventually, as I witnessed some incidents and people, I was glad that that law still remains! Modern India isn’t modern after all! Continue reading “STOP the Discrimination & CELEBRATE the Girl Child”