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Hand-print Peacock: Happy Teacher’s Day

Ever since I came across this craft here, I’ve been looking for an occasion to make KT do it for someone. With Teacher’s Day round the corner, I thought it will be a nice idea to make KT do it for her teacher.

Although a very simple craft, KT was super thrilled to get her hands messy. I really liked the way it turned out. KT loved it too. She kept exclaiming, “Amma, peacock so beautiful!” She liked it so much that she didn’t want to give it to her teacher. I packed it in her school bag and had to convince her that we’ll do one more once she returns from school!

I look forward to the day KT will write her own note of appreciation to the special people in her life. Until then, it is my duty. I added a small note behind the sheet for the teacher thanking her for the positive influence she has on KT and the many things she patiently teaches the kids.


A truly special teacher is very wise, and sees tomorrow in every child’s eyes.  ~Author Unknown

Do something special for your child’s teacher! They deserve a token of appreciation!

For Daddy Dearest

Except for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and Easter, Hubby and I have never observed days like Valentine’s Day, women’s day, father’s day, etc. But this year I decided I should start observing at least Father’s Day, Mother’s Day (leave hubby and KT with that!) and Valentine’s Day (I gotta wait for 2014 to implement this one!). I think for a beginner like me these three days should do!

I feel the good thing about celebrating such days is that you can go an extra mile in showing how much the person means to you, as we may not put so much thought to it during the rest of the year while we are caught up with the everyday routine!

This is the card KT and I put together! (Idea from here)

FathersDayCard.jpg copy

I can’t wait for KT to grow old enough to write her own note to Daddy. But until then, I shall do the honors =)

Thank you Vj, for being the astounding dad that you are, for equally sharing responsibility with me in raising KT, for providing for us and making each day as a family a blessing!