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What I do When Motherhood becomes Mayhem!

Just when you think “now that kids are grown up, we can slow down and enjoy..” that’s when things really become more challenging.. The bigger they grow, the more they are exposed to the world around them, the issues they begin to deal with gets deeper!

MOTHERHOOD just gets more intense with time. Unless we consciously take time out for ourselves, things can get quite overwhelming, out-of-hand and quite depressing! When STRESS begins to fuel motherhood by replacing JOY, there is a great chance we miss the essence of this parenting adventure!

Here are a few things that I do to keep myself sane and joyful as I navigate through this roller coaster of motherhood! I hope it helps someone out there! Continue reading What I do When Motherhood becomes Mayhem!

The Art of NOT being Conditioned/Controlled by Other’s Opinions

Growing up I always felt my parents were strict and conservative. But right now, at the age of 36, having gone through experiences, places, meeting people, interacting with them and simply watching how the world and the people in different cultures function… I look back and realise, I have had such amazing childhood and forward-thinking parents. There was never a moment when my parents discussed/gossiped/spoke ill about anyone. Neither did they ever compare us with others nor did they ever pressurise us to behave/act a certain way for the sake of others! Continue reading The Art of NOT being Conditioned/Controlled by Other’s Opinions

The Art of Simple & Slow Living

I think I will never run out of lessons that I learnt during our stay in Sweden. I could say, during those couple of years, I got born again in many aspects of thinking, beliefs and perspective ✨

One of the fundamental lessons I learnt is what the Swedes are known for globally – SIMPLICITY & MINIMALISM ✨

Their ‘Lagom’ nature is something that catches one completely off guard. Once it does, it miraculously simplifies life, slowing us down and makes it so much more enjoyable ✨

Today, I not only find myself being drawn to monochrome’s and simpler clothing,

– I don’t bite more than I can chew, like even literally 😅

– I commit to few but important things and give my 100%

– I set expectations right at the very beginning (Ex: if I invite guests, I keep them informed that I will only be serving a simple meal and not to expect a banquet). I would rather have friends over for a simple meal, than not invite anyone out of the fear of cooking a three course meal 😅

– In cases when I would like to spend time with a person but I feel I don’t have the time and energy to host them at my home, I suggest ‘Fika’ (Coffee & Conversation in at a cafe or restaurant) ☕️🍰

– Be it a birthday party or my daughters’ weddings… No more themes or fancy, complicated, elaborate agenda, inviting strangers and people we hardly know in order to impress or please people. I am learning to keep things simple, practical, little to no stress and make it fun and memorable!

– I have stopped abiding to protocols that in my opinion are completely unnecessary!

– If I shower love or respect, I ensure it’s from my heart! No more pretending!

– I have started to invest in relationships & habits that matter for life.

– Mindful purchases, whether toys/clothing/gadgets 🧸

– Quality Family and Me-time now take high precedence. Everything else revolves around it. Anything/anyone that I feel would affect this balance shall not be entertained!

Most importantly, be it my kids education or my career, I am no longer in a fight for survival or in a rat race. We have begun to LIVE LIFE at our pace and on our terms ☺️

Tack Sverige för att göra mig till en bättre, gladare människa 🇸🇪 Thank you, Sweden, for making me a better, happier person 💕