A Note of Thanks

A Note of Thanks

Today is KT’s last working day. She completes her playschool. Over the last months she has learnt a lot and made good friends. I sent her teacher a Thank You card with a small note. Her name is Kavitha. KT loves her. On most days when she returns from school, she tells me, “Mummy, teacher smiley Peaches!” Of all that her teacher teaches it is the smile that matters a lot to my girl!

I believe God handpicks the people in our lives to shape, influence and direct us towards the bigger purpose. So is teacher Kavitha for KT. She is the first person KT was introduced to as a ‘teacher’. I am thankful for the role she has played in making KT who she is today!

Look forward to the day my girl will write her own Thank You notes =)

PS: Teacher K’s reply to the Thank You note –


London Bridge

London Bridge

Jigsaw puzzles and building blocks are two things KT enjoys playing. Most of the times, she’ll build a simple house, pops a Christmas tree in front and calls it ‘Merry Christmas’! She calls her flat structures ‘gardens’ and her tall ones ‘towers’ or ‘churches’!

This afternoon we had guests home, as we were talking, KT was busy showing off her building skills. All of a sudden, she brought this small structure (the one in the picture) to us calling it the ‘London Bridge!’  We all instantly broke into laughter!

Although we’ve been to London and seen London Bridge (technically the Tower Bridge),  KT is not aware of that. I don’t think she knows  the ‘London Bridge is falling down’ rhyme either. So this was a complete surprise for us =)

Here’s a slightly advanced version of the bridge that she later did!