A Little Jesus Confussion

Well, KT is very familiar with Jesus. She can identify Him in picture books and paintings. She even prays the cutest prayers. One of it goes like this – “Jesus, bless mummy, daddy, puppy dog, mummy puppy dog and daddy puppy dog!” (Stray dogs she saw several months ago at a garbage dump in Trichy!). Suppose me or Vj is sick, she’ll lay hands on us and pray, “Jesus, bless headache/pain/fever!” 

She also hears the name Jesus several times during the week and many more times on Sundays at church!

However a couple of recent incidents have made me curious as to how she has pictured Jesus. How has her little mind conceived Jesus!

Every afternoon when she returns from school and while I unlock the door to our house, she’ll ask, “Amma, who is inside?”

I, since I firmly believe that we’re never alone, that God’s presence constantly abides in us and in our home, will reply, “Jesus is inside, darling!”

For a few days, she just said okay and didn’t ask much about it.

Sometime last week, she asked the same question again and I replied the same. She immediately ran inside the house, searched each room and returned telling me, “Amma, Jesus is lost! He is not there!”

Of late, she resumed sucking her thumb when she feels sleepy. So Vj and I apply neem oil on her thumb or put a sock in her right hand trying every possible thing to stop her from doing so. On one such attempt, Vj put one of his shirts for KT, as it covers her hands completely. She took a look at it. It was long, her feet was almost covered. She looked at herself. And then asked, “Amma, I am Jesus?”

I broke into laughter, but kept wondering how I would explain Jesus to her. It will take some years for her to grasp the fact that Jesus Christ is her Creator and Savior. But long before that, I really wish my little girl will experience a personal encounter with Him. I do not want Jesus to be a familiar, invisible, imaginary person to her. I really hope that she will get to know Him in a real tangible way. Jesus after all said,

Blessed are the pure in heart,
for they will see God.

Matthew 5:8


3 thoughts on “A Little Jesus Confussion”

  1. My two year old shocked me once – She was doing something I asked her not to do and I said Jesus is seeing and in response she looked above and said NO he’s not seeing!!!

    Well, Today’s kids are smarter and faster, and they know a lot of things! And this led me to pray for her salvation more particularly even more since then…

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