My Muse! My Rhyme!

Becoming a mother, of not just one or two, but THREE, was my dream when I was younger. Nearly 15 years down the line, here I am, mother of two… three – I dare not even imagine!

I used to dream of dressing up my kids, cooking for them, reading to them, taking them for dance and music classes, shopping with them, travelling the world, laughing, hugging and giving them a jillion kisses. I dreamed of a picture perfect motherhood.

In many ways, I am living my dream. However, the reality of my dream turned out far from picture perfect! Continue reading “My Muse! My Rhyme!”


Documentaries You MUST Watch on Netflix as you Begin this New Year!

I am extremely picky when it comes to movies. Ask Vj and he will tell you how I spend easily an hour or two on our weekly movie nights, browsing through the options on Netflix, checking the IMDB rating, reading reviews and watching trailers. By that time I make up my mind either our food would go cold, we will feel sleepy and loose our interest to watch a movie (or) Vj would have finished watching a movie on the iPad!  But on some rare occasions, all the time I spend on my movie research pays off and we end up watching some good ones. Continue reading “Documentaries You MUST Watch on Netflix as you Begin this New Year!”

Kraków Day 3 – Part 1: Auschwitz & Birkenau

My trip to Kraków, Poland was a memorable one in many ways. It is the first international trip I undertook on my own, leaving behind Vijay and my girls. It was the first of the girls-trip my friend and I plan to do each year. It was the first trip where I did have to worry about getting the kids ready and hungry, sleepy kids throwing tantrums. It was the first trip where I did proper sightseeing with legit tour guides. Continue reading “Kraków Day 3 – Part 1: Auschwitz & Birkenau”