​What truly counts is this! 

I dreaded February right from December – the fear and panic of reliving the heart wrenching memories of last February!

I wished time to stop! 

Time didn’t!

Time doesn’t!

February came! So did the memories! Along with it tears! 

Life kept happening alongside – the daily routine! Some great opportunities came by! It was a brief escape from pain!

And all along there were these people, moments, a lot of love, laughter, hugs and kisses that began to invade my pain. While I was sinking in pain, these people drowned my pain. Everytime I crumbled apart, they picked me up!

When I look into their eyes, life gets magnified and larger than me! There is a sudden meaning, purpose, drive to push forward, to overcome, to conquor, to keep dreaming, to chase dreams, to take the road less travelled and do things that I someday hope they would do!

February ebbed away and here is March. I sit, look back and I am thankful for these people who make life worth living! 

This is what counts 💖