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K&K at Junibacken, Stockholm in Småfolk

Our littlest girl, Krissy, turned three on the 18th of June. We wanted to celebrate her birthday in a place where she can be let loose and lost in a world of her own. So Junibacken it was! Continue reading K&K at Junibacken, Stockholm in Småfolk

K&K at Helsinki, Finland

It’s rainy and gloomy here this morning. Pretty much how Vj, I and the girls are feeling. After spending a month and a half with us, Vj’s parents left at dawn. Their stay with us feels like a dream. Rather it was a dream-come-true for both Vj and me to host our parents in a foreign land! We enjoyed their love and company over the last month. We are missing them a lot already.

As I walked back home after dropping the kids at school, the weather took me back to our day at Helsinki – just that it was more rainy and more cold with brief intervals of hail and snow!

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K&K at Drottningholm Palace

I have always been a lover of TV documentaries on castles & palaces. ‘World from Above’ and ‘Monty Don’s Italian Garden’ are two of my all time favorites. I can simply watch them hours on end secretly wishing someday I could behold one such palace and walk in one of those mesmerizing gardens!

There  is something about palaces that has always fascinated me. On one side it is its grandeur, the opulence, the extravagance and its luxuriousness that I can only attempt to fathom. On the other hand, it’s like a time machine – it instantly transports me back in time! I always think to myself, what life would have been inside, what they ate, what they dressed like and what it felt to be royalty!

Last Saturday, my secret wish came to pass when we visited the Drottningholm Palace!

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