K&K at Drottningholm Palace

I have always been a lover of TV documentaries on castles & palaces. ‘World from Above’ and ‘Monty Don’s Italian Garden’ are two of my all time favorites. I can simply watch them hours on end secretly wishing someday I could behold one such palace and walk in one of those mesmerizing gardens!

There  is something about palaces that has always fascinated me. On one side it is its grandeur, the opulence, the extravagance and its luxuriousness that I can only attempt to fathom. On the other hand, it’s like a time machine – it instantly transports me back in time! I always think to myself, what life would have been inside, what they ate, what they dressed like and what it felt to be royalty!

Last Saturday, my secret wish came to pass when we visited the Drottningholm Palace!


This Palace built in the late 1600s is the permanent home of the Swedish royal family. Seated so majestically on the edge of the river, I can only imagine what a splendid view the royals must enjoy through their windows!

We stepped right in time to witness the change of guards!


We then walked through the Palace Theater that houses the opera house, which is still in use.


One look at the palace baroque garden, I felt like I had walked into a postcard!


My girls were enthralled by the fountains!


Walking through those stately tree avenues, you feel like a princess taking an evening stroll!


The autumn leaves on the ground formed a subtle golden carpet!


My very handsome hubs and our littlest princess,


The fall leaves were irresistible. I had to indulge myself in a mini fall photoshoot!


More awesomeness!


On our way to the Chinese Pavilion! The trees and the quaint road, I cannot describe how I felt! I leave the pics to do the talking!


At the Chinese Pavilion that is called as the Kina Slott. This little palace was a surprise birthday gift to the queen from the king since she was a lover of oriental China!


It was a day that felt like a dream! It was a visit that reminded and reassured me of my identity, which Anna Johnson so beautifully penned –

I AM a Child of Royal Birth,
My Father is KING of Heaven and Earth.
My spirit was born in Courts on High.
A Child Beloved, a Princess AM I!


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