K&K in Germany: Day 1 – Duisburg Zoo

I cannot believe it is almost a month since our first out-of-country vacay from Sweden. We were very excited not only about visiting a different country, but also about visiting our friends after almost 15 years!

Germany holds a very special place in me. The last time I was there, I was six years old. It was the year 1988. My mom’s friends, a Germany couple, invited us over. We spent 45 days in Germany and 15 in England. Although it’s been nearly two decades, each time I go through the album at my parent’s home, most of the memories are still very fresh!

We arrived in Dusseldorf Airport on Thursday night, 22nd September 2016. Our friend and host, Paul, was waiting for us at the airport. Paul was Vj’s batchmate at college. They have been in touch all through the years. I always thought he was a very serious person. But during our stay at their home the next four days, we discovered he was completely the opposite! He kept cracking us up with his humor!

The ride from the airport to the car park was very interesting. We went by a sky train! I must say I was quite fascinated by it!


We reached their home in Duisburg at midnight. Sheeba, Vj’s classmate at college and my friend, who also happens to be Mrs. Paul, gave us a warm welcome with her delicious chicken curry and rotis!

I eagerly waited for the next morning to see the neighborhood.

Morning arrived and we all got ready to visit the Duisburg zoo!


KT and Mehi became instant pals. Mehi spoke only Tamil and German. It was so cute to watch the girls converse in Tamil!


Although these European countries have so many things in common, yet there are many aspects that are unique to each country. Geographically Sweden and Germany were similar. But the weather, architecture, cities, transport and even people were very different!

The temperature in Sweden dipped to single digits around mid September. So the German weather with temperature, around 20C, was a treat!

In Sweden, almost everyone speaks good English. That’s not the case in Germany!

Even the transport was different!


After an enjoyable train journey, munching spongy butter croissants, we reached Duisburg Zoo!


This Giraffe had given birth to a baby! It was in the papers and all were eager to see the little one! When we went it was hiding behind the bamboo shoots!


I have never seen a Giraffe that close! Boy! It was really really tall!


One of fascinating thing about the zoos in these countries is the ways in which they let man and animals interact however possible!


We got to feed the elephants!


Although the Aquarium was not as massive as the one in London, it had a very adorable collection of colorful fishes!


This fellow was amusing and fearless. He happily pecked away the waffle from little Elijah’s hand!


The Zoo itself is like a vast oriental garden. Just walking through it was very calming and relaxing!


While we waited for the Dolphin show the commence, the kids enjoyed in the Zoo play area!


The Dolphin show was one of the highlights of the day, perhaps even our trip!


I think this it the very first time I was up so close to Dolphins! They just ooze with cuteness! Literally!


How beautifully they were trying to communicate! The baby dolphin swam to this little boy and it was as if it was talking to him! We all were spell bound that moment!


The dolphins performed so many jaw dropping stunts that left us marveling at God’s mind-blowing creation!


It was soon time to snack on the German Currywurst – steamed, then fried pork sausage that is cut into slices and seasoned with curry ketchup! Totally loved it!


A little romance did spark in between these two 😉


The meerkats were soooo adorable too!


A group of kids were feeding them worms!!


The petting zoo was one other highlight! Kids had a blast touching and feeling the ponys, donkeys, cows and goats!


Household insects on display!

k13a6591k13a6592k13a6598k13a6601k13a6605k13a6617k13a6622k13a6626 It was a long lovely day! It may have been just a visit to the Zoo, but all those incredible creatures and nature left me musing on the Creator’s creativity! Baffling!

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