Keepsake Project 001: Chalk Art Photos

KT has beautifully transitioned from being a toddler to now a sweet little girl and big sister. I can already see a very responsible young lady in the making! She’s extremely careful with her things… And mine! Even if I miss place things, she will make sure its kept in its place.

Once I almost freaked out when I realized I left my wallet at a friend’s house which is almost 20 kms away. But thanks to my girl, she had kept it in her bag and brought it safely home 🙂

When something goes missing, she tells me, “mamma, I will find it for you. I am good at finding things!”

She now has a few bags and a handbag that friends and family gifted her. In her handbag she has a mobile (an ancient Motorola one that is unusable!), a handkerchief, a coin purse with a few coins (she keeps her offertory money in it) and a lip balm! She and her handbag are inseparable! I hope I have not passed on my craze for bags!

She has also become verbal with her affection and admiration. A month ago, she told my mom, “your daughter is beautiful!” That’s just what I needed to hear to boost my self esteem, which was practically running on its all time low!

Recently, when I did something nice for her, she said, “thanks mamma! You are good, beautiful and precious!” My heart swooned!

I can’t thank God enough for entrusting me with two angels! Just watching them grow is a indescribable blessing!

Here’s something I really enjoyed doing with KT this month on my parents terrace –

IMG_1424a IMG_1439a

IMG_0877a IMG_0977a IMG_0980a IMG_0996a IMG_1498a IMG_1506a

2 thoughts on “Keepsake Project 001: Chalk Art Photos”

  1. Aww! I know I have seen them before but every time I see them I fall in love with KT. The juggler one – she looks so like you 🙂 That hair and uninhibited laughter – beautiful

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