K&K at Naturhistoriska Riksmuseet

Three weeks ago when we arrived here in Stockholm, I must confess, I felt extremely intimidated when I saw and heard EVERYTHING around me in Swedish. I almost ran into a mild depression wondering how I am going to survive here, leave alone exploring this city on my own with the girls!

But as days went by and I slowly got familiar with my surroundings. I started using Google Translate & Google Maps and everything changed. With just these two apps one can scale the length and breadth of Sweden with absolute ease! You pretty much have the whole world in your hands!

If there is a will, you will find your way!

Most people are English speaking and are quick to help. The public transport is very well connected. You don’t really feel the need for a car. The entire country is child/pet/elderly/physically-challenged-friendly. So much so that they have parks for pets (Seriously!!!)!!!!!

Now the list of places that I want to see just keeps adding up by day. With not much summer left, I am making the most of sunny days!

Last Friday, the sun suddenly showed up out of nowhere. With no prior plan whatsoever, I randomly decided we are going to visit the Swedish Museum of Natural History –Naturhistoriska Riksmuseet!


At first, I was a little apprehensive how a 6 and a 2 year old will enjoy a museum. However, when we entered, we found that the entire museum is exclusively for kids of all ages!


While Krissy slept initially, KT was absolutely fascinated by the Dinosaurs and fossils!


There is something for kids to touch, feel or do in each section!


When Krissy woke up, she was in complete awe of all the creatures she saw!


The Human Animal section is a great place where the kids get to learn about the human body!


It was a day well spent! I look forward to taking the girls there again! I personally would like to take a leisurely look at the exhibits once again!


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